Guitarist Ireland is an online community of almost 10,000 musicians with a love for the greatest instrument ever invented.  Each year as Christmas approaches, the community comes together to raise money for a worthy cause and none is closer to the hearts of many of our members than supporting Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin® – OLCHC.  In 2015 the group collected €12,490, in 2016 we managed to raise €25,683, and in 2017 we raised €24,267. Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin® – OLCHC was overwhelmingly voted by GI members to once again be our signature charity for 2018 and we hope for another great result this year!

Many exciting Guitarist Ireland events are being held around the island of Ireland in in November / December 2018 with promotions from dozens of celebrities and involving many acts in Dublin, Galway, Cork and many others with incredible support from Irish venues, musicians and music lovers.

The Annual Guitarist Ireland Christmas Draw is always popular and was first opened to the general public in 2016. Enormous thanks as always to everyone who will be buying a ticket (or ten), and most particularly to the amazing companies from music shops and instrument makers to corporates, hotels, and private donors who contribute prizes, time, money and services!

If you can help in any way in 2018 by hosting a fundraising event or if you can contribute a prize to our Draw, please email us at: fundraiser@guitaristireland.ie.